ATA failure at resume on ThinkPad X40

Takashi Inoue takashi.inoue at
Tue Jan 25 19:39:28 PST 2005

Hi friends,

I am using 5.3R on ThinkPad X40.
When it resume from ACPI S3 sleep, an ATA failure occur as:
ioapic_suspend: not implemented!
ad0: FAILURE - ATA_IDENTIFY timed out
ad0: WARNING - removed from configuration
Then, I cannot do even shutdown.
Therefore I don't use suspend/resume on my ThinkPad now.
It is pity. Does anyone know a reason and solution of it?
Or, does anyone here use ACPI S3 successfully on X40?
Disabling apic helps. But I prefer to use apic because of better response.
Any infomation and comment is welcome. Thanks.


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