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John john at
Thu Jan 13 07:02:44 PST 2005

Good day, folks.

I am the owner of a Compaq Armada M700 which has some definite ACPI
issues.  I didn't notice right away, because it came up properly,
reported CPU and battery status reasonably, apm output was
sensible, etc.  Events such as inserting a PCMCIA card or docking
station events, and maybe even lid events caused the system to either
instantly lock up tighter than a drum or do a trap 19/panic and
then lock up.  The system has the 686H firmware, which is the
latest, and with a date matching the latest from Compaq's firmware
upgrade package.

I know that this is an older laptop, but at 650Mhz and a reasonable
amount of RAM, it is an affordable and capable work station, and
I would like to help with the efforts in support.  At a minimum,
I hope to learn enough about ACPI to "blacklist" only the parts of
the ACPI subdrivers that are causing the problem, but maybe I'll
actually be able to fix something.  I haven't had any code in the
release since about FreeBSD version 1.1, and it's about time I
changed that. :)

I haven't even read the spec yet, so I obviously have a lot of
learning to do.  I promise not to bug anyone for information until
I've spent some time with the driver spec and the driver code.

Thanks, and I look forward to contributing something.

John Lind
john at starfire.MN.ORG

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