Athlon XP-M/PowerNow for desktop system?

Stefan Walter sw at
Thu Jan 13 02:05:08 PST 2005

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I'm currently thinking about replacing the Athlon 900 in my desktop
machine with a more recent CPU, and I'd be interested in getting one of
these Athlon XP-M "Low Power" CPUs. I think the mainboard - a MSI KT4AV-L
(MS-6712) with VIA's KT400A chipset - supports those CPUs, but I'm not
sure if I would be able to use their energy saving features with FreeBSD.
I know about the powernow_k7 module [1], but not enough to say if it
should work in this case or if there could be problems with desktop

Are there any catches one should be aware of when trying to do this?


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