IBM X31 hanging

Nate Lawson nate at
Thu Feb 24 16:55:51 PST 2005

Tsung-Han Lin wrote:
> I newly install FreeBSD 5.3 in my laptop.
> As soon as installed, I do "cvsup source/ports" and "make world/build kernel".
> Some bothering problems occur.
> 1) I close the lid, or use any "Fn"(IBM Function key) -> System hangs.
> 2) System go to sleep mode or just close the display, when system was long time idle,
>    but system can not go back to alive. It hangs? all stop!
> 2) I disable(unload) acpi.ko when booting. -> System hangs(sometimes system can not finish boot process.)
> 3) I compile acpi.ko with ACPI_DEBUG. -> System can not boot, message as "... acpi.ko could not finalize."
> 4) I check "vmstat -i", jap. I got interrupt storm! CTRL+ALT+ESC can not work, when system hangs.

I've heard that disabling the 3rd (unused) ATA bus fixes these problems 
for many people.  See this thread for details:


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