Toshiba Portégé 4000 laptop

Laurent Debacker debackerl at
Thu Apr 28 09:07:31 PDT 2005


I'm running FreeBSD 5.4-RC3 on a Toshiba Portégé 4000 laptop. I'm
running the kernel in ACPI mode, with Toshiba ACPI extension enabled.

When my laptop wake up, the screen becomes white from the bottom to
the top, always brighter and brighther until completely white. However
the screen is not perfectly white, it's a bit odd, a bit as if the LCD
would be transparent. What I need to do is to switch the video output.

I always tried to suspend my laptop using the /usr/sbin/zzz command
once. When it waked up, I think the disk's driver wasn't reloaded.
Indeed when I asked FreeBSD to shut down, it couldn't sync the inodes.

I tried to suspend it using Gnoppix, and I got no screen problem.

I'd be glad to help you to enhance the ACPI system of FreeBSD. Just
tell me what to type. And how to not loss all my inodes :p I don't
want to pass another 10hours or so to reinstall and reconfigure my
lovely FreeBSD.

I'm a C/C++/C# developper, but with not much real experience since I'm
still a student.


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