[cpufreq] speedstep support via GSI driver

Nate Lawson nate at root.org
Tue Apr 19 10:02:51 PDT 2005

Bruno Ducrot wrote:
> Hi Nate, Jon,
> The smist driver (speedstep support for older kind of Intel's speedstep)
> is (maybe?) ready for inclusion.  I CC to -acpi in order to get more
> feedback about this.
> It was tested on current with success by Jon (but should work with
> stable as well).
> The driver is available at
> http://www.poupinou.org/cpufreq/bsd/smist.tar.gz
> or
> http://www.poupinou.org/cpufreq/bsd/smist/smist.c
> Cheers,

Ok, it has been imported with minor changes.  Let me know if you have 
any problems.


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