ASUS P5A broken by ACPI black-list

Nate Lawson nate at
Wed Oct 6 13:30:15 PDT 2004

Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Thanks, John.
> This was actually an effort to avoid causing problems for people
> upgrading to V5 with this card. I have no problems with running
> ACPI. But, since it's blacklisted for ACPI and won't work without it,
> people are going to try to upgrade and discover that their systems don't
> work.
> I think the best solution is to remove it from the black-list (Nate?)
> and at least let it work. Then people can figure out to use TSC and not
> the ACPI clock.

I'm open to doing this for RELENG_5 but not -current.  I'll contact re at . 
  I'll also work on adding a quirks option to disable the timer for 

> What would be better is a more granular black-list that simply disabled
> ACPI for features that are broken. Of course, maintaining this would be
> a pain.

Yes, I agree.  However, we do need to maintain this and my goal all 
along has been to add more quirks (hence the name "acpi_quirks", not 
"ACPI blacklist.")

Note that Linux doesn't have this problem since they outright disable 
and refuse to support ACPI on all systems older than 2001 (we block BIOS 
older than 1999.)  Most of the BIOS in our quirks table are from the 
period 1999-2001.


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