[PATCH] Please test: new ACPI release (20041105) import

Søren Schmidt sos at DeepCore.dk
Wed Nov 17 01:27:32 PST 2004

Mark Santcroos wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 07:51:19AM +0100, Aurelien Nephtali wrote:
>>The patch applies fine but it sill doesn't fix two long standing bugs :/
> At least there are no regressions, thats good news.
>>The first one is a resume problem, when I suspend my laptop with 'zzz' 
>>it works, but when I resume it the LCD stays black and that's all. I've 
>>tested setting reset_video to 0 but it's the same.
> So it is only the display that doesn't come back? Is this in X or at the 
> console? Have you tried jhb's acpi_video patches that have the dpms patches
> included? (They are in the archive of this list)

The problem here has been known since mid august (3 months), I have 3 
different laptops here that all fails in this manner (ASUS, Acer, IBM), 
however they lockup solid on resume which might be why ;)

>>The secong bug is relatted to battery. Sometimes when I unplug the AC, 
>>the system catch it and ma battery % falls to 98% and stays stuck on 
>>this value. It means no warning when battery is critical :/
> What happens if you plug the AC back after a while?

There are nasties in the bat stuff, I have to comment out various parts 
of it to get the ASUS to boot at all :(

This brings up the question: do we have a maintainer for ACPI and why 
arent these issues being dealt with ? I for one have reported these 
issue for ages including as much debug as is possible, but it seems to 
be silently ignored (and yes 5.3-RELEASE is just as broken)...



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