Bug? PCI link device _SRS

Nate Lawson nate at root.org
Fri May 28 10:01:52 PDT 2004

John, great to see you're working on a lot of these already.  Appreciate

On Fri, 28 May 2004, John Baldwin wrote:
> On Thursday 27 May 2004 04:55 pm, Brown, Len wrote:
> >    If a platform gives you a _CRS IRQ that
> >    is outside the _PRS list, then do no
> >    stick with the _CRS -- select
> >    a new (valid) one from the _PRS list.
> Ah, I have a patch to do this already that I can commit.
> >    If a platform gives you a _CRS IRQ that
> >    is different from the _SRS you just
> >    invoked.  Assume that the _SRS worked
> >    and that the _CRS is bogus.
> Huh, we don't do that type of checking, but we do use _CRS for later devices
> routed to the same link to see what IRQ they should use.

I think the first one will take care of how we handle this one.  We'll do
_SRS and ignore the _CRS that comes back.  Later, we go to program a
device that has the same link and its _CRS will be outside the _PRS list,
so we'll fall back to selecting a valid one from _PRS.


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