acpi_video users needed

takawata at takawata at
Thu Jul 15 22:57:55 PDT 2004

In message <cone.1089955588.176391.648.1001 at>, Niki Denev
>Randy Bush writes:
>>> Can you define "properly attaching"? Mine stopped working about 3
>>> weeks ago, but the .ko does load. I just don't get any
>>> sysctls and suspend no longer turns off the display.
>> same here, thinkpad t40p, current bios.
>> randy
>here too.
>ThinkPad X31, latest BIOS. cvsupped yesterday.
>dmesg, acpidump, devinfo output at : 

Just curious, Is acpi_video or device button worked for you on your
ThinkPad X31?
In my machine, device buttons or acpi_video requests or
even shutdown, that eventually invokes SMI, will cause the machine
hang up. Was it resolved with the latest BIOS?

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