acpi boot error messages after last update (Dec 22nd and 29th)

Nate Lawson nate at
Thu Dec 30 11:58:11 PST 2004

Federico Galvez-Durand Besnard wrote:
> I am getting boot error messages.
> Apparently, my Notebook works well .
> I did not have these error messages before
> last big acpi update.
> Before that update dmesg was like this:
> My ASL compiles with warnings, 0 errors:

Hmm, it appears that the implicit return part of the interpreter is not 
working correctly.  For instance, LNKA has an implicit return of the 
result of the STAL() method.  I can't figure out why this wouldn't be 
working though.  We have enabled the InterpreterSlack global and are 
running with ACPI-CA 20041119.  Any ideas, Bob?

Here's where we enable InterpreterSlack:


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