Armada 17xx, ACPI thermal management broken.

Nate Lawson nate at
Sun Dec 26 20:36:32 PST 2004

Nikolas Britton wrote:
> When I try it with Linux it worked, in fact, here is a patch for kernel 
> 2.6.7:
> "Compaq Armada 1700/1750 ACPI/Sound/PM/i2c kernel patch:
> This patch(2.6.7) fixes the DSDT (broken aml) at bootup (Fan Control 
> works now, changed TZ trip points) and fixes the temperature problem. It 
> also forces the i2c-bus to be enabled at startup and modifies the 
> initial values mpu_io, io, irq, dma and dma16 of the soundcard, 
> therefore there is no need to append them to kernel cmdline anymore (if 
> you want to use oss).
> Note:
> The fix is nonpersistent. "
> So as you see there is already a DSDT/AML/ASL/Whatever fix for it, It 
> just needs to be ported to BSD.

AML is OS-independent.  It's supplied by the BIOS.  Unfortunately, the 
'fixed' AML you've found is in binary form.

> Is there a way I can just disable the ACPI thermal management, then I 
> could use ACPI until someone with more clout and programming know how 
> decides to fix it?

Yes, see previously-mentioned hint in loader.conf.  It may not help 
though since once ACPI is active, the BIOS often expects the OS to 
manage everything so this may just disable your fans.  Be careful.

> + * Intel ACPI Component Architecture
> + * ASL Optimizing Compiler / AML Disassembler version 20030522 [May 23 2003]
> + * Copyright (C) 2000 - 2003 Intel Corporation
> + * Supports ACPI Specification Revision 2.0b
> + * 
> + * Compilation of "dsdt.asl" - Thu Mar 11 13:09:58 2004
> + * 
> + * C source code output
> + *
> + */

Can you get the author of this patch to send you the raw "dsdt.asl", 
instead of the compiled version?  If so, send it to me so I can diff 
against the one I asked you to dump and post.


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