suspend/resume improved?

Aurelien Nephtali aurelien.nephtali at
Mon Dec 6 22:59:00 PST 2004

Nate Lawson wrote:

> It's pretty straightforward but arduous work.  First strip down your 
> system, removing all drivers except for the hard drive and keyboard (no 
> USB, network, etc.)  Don't run X.  Try S3.  If it works, add back in 
> drivers until it fails.
> If it fails, try to find out where it fails.  Does it truly make it to 
> sleep or does it immediately resume?  Add the beep code Warner posted a 
> while back to the resume code and see if you get a beep.  If you get a 
> beep but a dead system, it's something in driver resume.  Try to enable 
> the network driver and ssh into your system after resume.  If it works, 
> it's a video driver problem and you need to mess with resuming the VESA 
> BIOS.  Don't run DRM with X.
> A lot of this is in the ACPI section of the handbook (which no one 
> appears to have seen for some reason).  More info about specific issues 
> can be found on my web page:

I will follow this procedure since resume still doesn't work on my
system (Compaq Presario 2157EA).

But I have a question : the speaker is correctly detected [1] but the 
system  never produced a "beep" and spkrtest neither. So I think using 
the Warner "beep-code" won't help me much ?


naboo% ls -l /dev/speaker 

crw-------  1 root  wheel  240,   0 Dec  7 07:57 /dev/speaker
naboo% dmesg | grep spea
speaker0: <PC speaker> port 0x61 on acpi0

NEPHTALI 'dak' Aurelien

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