Fan Control Success on IBM T40? (another quick Q)

Jeffrey Katcher jmkatcher at
Wed Apr 28 09:05:05 PDT 2004

>From everything I've seen (on the linux-acpi lists), the T40 doesn't have _any_
fan control in the DSDT.  Apparently it's explicitly controlled via SMBIOS.
There's a SMAPI interface available from FreeBSD, but I don't have enough info
yet to exploit it.

Second question, still on power/clock issues, but diverging a little from ACPI:
What's the interaction between SpeedStep clock and ACPI clock percentage?
If I start on batteries, apparently the clock is at 600Mhz (even though dmesg
reports it as 1600Mhz no matter what).  ACPI CPU then can reduce this base by
eighths?  So if I start on AC, it's eighths of 1600 and DC, it's eighths of

Thanks again,

Jeff Katcher

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