cvs commit: src/sys/arm/arm cpufunc.c cpufunc_asm_arm11.S cpufunc_asm_armv5.S cpufunc_asm_armv5_ec.S identcpu.c src/sys/arm/include cpuconf.h cpufunc.h

Andrew Thompson thompsa at
Mon Jul 28 15:53:57 UTC 2008

thompsa     2008-07-28 15:53:53 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_7)
    sys/arm/arm          cpufunc.c identcpu.c 
    sys/arm/include      cpuconf.h cpufunc.h 
  Added files:           (Branch: RELENG_7)
    sys/arm/arm          cpufunc_asm_arm11.S cpufunc_asm_armv5.S 
  SVN rev 180882 on 2008-07-28 15:53:53Z by thompsa
  MFC r172738
   Merge support from p4 (from NetBSD) for arm9e and arm10, arm11 cores.  Not
   yet connected to the build, but reduces diffs to p4 repo.
  Revision  Changes    Path  +124 -4    src/sys/arm/arm/cpufunc.c   +124 -0    src/sys/arm/arm/cpufunc_asm_arm11.S (new)   +238 -0    src/sys/arm/arm/cpufunc_asm_armv5.S (new)   +206 -0    src/sys/arm/arm/cpufunc_asm_armv5_ec.S (new)  +54 -8     src/sys/arm/arm/identcpu.c  +33 -7     src/sys/arm/include/cpuconf.h  +55 -3     src/sys/arm/include/cpufunc.h

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