cvs commit: src UPDATING src/include fts.h src/lib/libc/gen fts-compat.c fts-compat.h fts.3 fts.c src/sys/sys param.h

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Sat Jan 26 23:55:02 PST 2008

Yar Tikhiy wrote:
>   Our fts(3) API, as inherited from 4.4BSD, suffers from integer
>   fields in FTS and FTSENT structs being too narrow.  In addition,
>   the narrow types creep from there into fts.c.  As a result, fts(3)
>   consumers, e.g., find(1) or rm(1), can't handle file trees an ordinary
>   user can create, which can have security implications.

Kudos!  It's about time we fixed this.  The inability
of 'rm' to clean up my test trees for libarchive has
become a bit tiresome.  ;-)

Tim Kientzle

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