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Andre Oppermann andre at
Sun Apr 20 22:42:11 UTC 2008

Sam Leffler wrote:
> Andre Oppermann wrote:
>>   Supported by:   Hobnob and Marvell
>> Hell has frozen over!?  Marvell supporting something OpenSource???
> Marvell has been cooperative on many issues over the past 2 years.

The last time I was talking to them (up to senior management) regarding
documentation on their gigabit network chips all I got after many month
of discussion was a "no" from high up and a NDA to sign.  That was about
2 years ago.  The interesting thing was that all people I was actually
talking to were in support of releasing the documentation (under an NDA
but with an explicit statement that all information gathered from it may
be freely used in an OpenSource driver).  Do you think they would reconsider?
Pyun would be more than happy to have access to the documentation to improve
the msk driver.


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