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Wilko Bulte wb at
Tue Jan 31 13:47:59 PST 2006

On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 01:29:33PM -0800, Jordan K. Hubbard wrote..
> On Jan 31, 2006, at 12:39 PM, Scott Long wrote:
> >Note: this amounts to life support for floppies.  The end IS coming.
> Say it ain't so!   If you establish a dangerous trend like this in  
> your support for floppy booting, the next thing you know, some  
> computer manufacturer will start shipping machines without ANY FLOPPY  

A manufacturer know as Apple by any chance.

<me ducks and runs for the hills... >

> DRIVE AT ALL, leading to the infocalypse, the four horsemen pouring  
> their vials upon the earth, the birth of the anti-christ (or PERL 6,  
> whichever comes first), dogs and cats living together, etc.

Heck.. I always thought that would be GPL V2, not Perl6.

> It's the end of days, I tell you!  The end!   Can the FreeBSD/NetBSD  
> merger be that far off?

That is not a worthy challenge by my standards.  DFBSD plus OpenBSD... that
would be the day.  

> - Jordan

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