cvs commit: src/sys/i386/conf DEFAULTS GENERIC

Doug Barton dougb at
Sun Oct 30 15:18:23 PST 2005

Doug Barton wrote:
> Maxime Henrion wrote:
>>While I'm all for making FreeBSD less prone to errors like the one
>>discussed here, I feel that having: a DEFAULTS file, a good comment
>>explaining what purpose it serves in it, an explicit include DEFAULTS in
>>GENERIC and a big scary comment next to it inclde explaining why one
>>should not remove it ought to be sufficient. 
> I think you're right, at around the 6.2-RELEASE	mark or so. I think that our
> developers tend to dramatically overestimate 

s/over/under/. This post used to be longer, but I condensed out the bit that
would have allowed that sentence to make sense. :)

> the amount of stuff that the
> average user needs to keep track of, especially when we're talking one or
> two major revision bumps.
> Doug


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