cvs commit: src/sys/pci if_sk.c if_skreg.h

Bjoern A. Zeeb bz at
Mon Mar 28 08:21:17 PST 2005

bz          2005-03-28 16:21:16 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_5)
    sys/pci              if_sk.c if_skreg.h 
  MFC if_sk.c rev. 1.99:
    * When adding/deleting multicast addresses, only whack the address filter
      if the interface is marked RUNNING.
    Obtained from:  NetBSD if_sk.c rev. 1.12
    * Don't initialize the card (and start an autonegotiation) every time the IP
      address changes. Makes 'dhclient sk0' invocations way faster and more
      consistant. i.e. one DHCPREQUEST elicits the DHCPACK.
    Obtained from:  OpenBSD if_sk.c rev. 1.56
    * Additional locking changes in sk_ioctl.
  MFC if_sk.c rev. 1.100, if_skreg.h rev. 1.26
    * Improve chip identification.
    Obtained from:  NetBSD if_sk.c rev. 1.11
    * Take PHY out of reset for Yukon Lite Rev. A3.
    Submitted by:   postings on net@ in thread "skc0: no PHY found", 2005-02-22
  MFC if_sk.c rec. 1.102, if_skreg.h rev. 1.28
    Do not try to free non allocated memory in error case.
    Do our best to plug some memory leaks (VPD data, jumbo memory buffer,...).
    Log if we cannot free because memory still in use.
    Change locking to avoid ''acquiring duplicate lock of same
      type: "network driver"'' and potential deadlock. Also seems to fix LOR #063.
    PR: kern/75677
  Approved by:    re (scottl)
  Approved by:    rwatson (mentor)
  Revision  Changes    Path  +197 -41   src/sys/pci/if_sk.c  +18 -4     src/sys/pci/if_skreg.h

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