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Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Thu Mar 10 18:24:44 GMT 2005

In message <20050310181903.GU98930 at>, Paul Richards wr

>That's the crux of FreeBSD's problem really. We can't tell the
>commercial world to change the way they work to suit what we want
>to do. If we want them to take FreeBSD seriously we have to fit
>with the expectations they have.

No, the crux of FreeBSD's problem is the differing opinion on how
serious we want to be taken.

I for instance, do not want "the commercial world", (by which we
in this case means "application producing companies") to take us
anymore serious than we are able to be.

Being realistic about our capacity and ability is far more important
to everybody, than promising specific goals of dubious reachability.

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