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Sun Jul 24 10:07:22 GMT 2005

On 24.07.2005, at 03:16, Maxime Henrion wrote:
> For what it's worth, I'd love to see a mechanism similar to the
> following:
> - We ensure every file installed when doing an installworld gets
>   installed through bsd.*.mk.  I thought this was already the case
>   but ru@ told me it's not.
> - We can then add some kind of special make target, for instance
>   build-files-list that generates a file with all the files going
>   to be installed by installworld.
> - At installworld time we install this special file somewhere.

I looked into this when I wanted to do this for DragonFly (but I got 
sidetracked). There are few methods in the tree (at least in DragonFly, 
I don't think it's completely different in FreeBSD) by which files get 
- mtree
- ln
- zic (needs more work)

there might be some other things as well, but that's the major part by 
which about 98% of all files are being covered.

This means, after converting all occurences of `ln' to ${LN} (done in 
DragonFly, tho there are some things you can overlook) and `mtree' to 
${MTREE}, ${INSTALL}, ${LN} and ${MTREE} can be replaced by wrapper 
scripts which parse the parameters and record the created files into 
some kind of log.

Storing these logs in, let's say /var/db/basefiles, let's you find out 
files which were removed just by looking if a file doesn't appear in 
the last log anymore.

I have to agree that wrapping the commands is a bit hackish, but it 
basically works. Oh, of course this system also needs a static list of 
files that were removed previously, so that it can bootstrap (it can 
only catch files that were removed since the last time you ran 


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