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Andrea Campi andrea+freebsd_cvs_all at
Mon Jan 3 08:54:47 GMT 2005

On Sun, Jan 02, 2005 at 12:44:15PM -0700, Scott Long wrote:
> Andrea Campi wrote:
> >However, it's always been my understanding that doing development
> >in the main repository was frowned upon. After all, that's the reason
> >why there's a projects sub-repository. I fail to see the reason for
> >committing this, or portability-only changes as you committed in the
> >past, as a work-in-progress when you could have kept it somewhere else
> >until such time as you were totally ready.
> >
> >Again: I like you work and I like this particular change, I'm mentioning
> >it now because I've thought about this again and again in several
> >instances.
> >
> >Bye,
> >	Andrea
> >
> The various sub-repositories are tools.  They exist and are provided to 
> aid developers doing work, and while their use is greatly encouraged, it
> is not strictly required.  CVS HEAD is still a developement branch, and

That's why I said "frowned upon", not anything stronger...

> as long as work going in there compiles and doesn't needlessly conflict
> or interfere with other parts of the tree, WIP commits like this are OK.

True. To amke myself clearer: I picked this particular commit, but I've
been more concerned with commits that happened in the past that only
introduced portability changes (not fixes). As far as I can tell (as a
simple user who's been on this and a few other lists for a few major
releases), most if not all other developers that wish to do keep their
particular part of the system as portable as possible, do their work
outside the main repository and then merge it back. I can vaguely remember
a few people raising concerns similar to my own at times in the past (not
related to Tim of course), although I can't rembember the details right
now, so I've always considered it a project "best practice" (again, not

That said, if it isn't so, please Tim (and Scott) accept my apologies; I
raised the point I wanted to raise, now I will shutup.


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