cvs commit: src/etc protocols src/sbin/ifconfig Makefile ifcarp.c ifpfsync.c src/sys/conf files options src/sys/net if.c if_ethersubr.c if_media.h if_types.h if_var.h src/sys/netinet if_ether.c if_ether.h in.h in_proto.c ip_carp.c ip_carp.h ...

Max Laier max at
Tue Feb 22 16:44:39 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 22 February 2005 14:04, Gleb Smirnoff wrote:
> glebius     2005-02-22 13:04:05 UTC
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:
>     etc                  protocols
>     sbin/ifconfig        Makefile
>     sys/conf             files options
>     sys/net              if.c if_ethersubr.c if_media.h if_types.h
>                          if_var.h
>     sys/netinet          if_ether.c if_ether.h in.h in_proto.c
>                          ip_input.c
>     sys/netinet6         in6.c in6_ifattach.c in6_proto.c
>                          in6_var.h nd6.c nd6_nbr.c
>     sys/sys              mbuf.h
>     usr.bin/netstat      inet.c main.c netstat.h
>   Added files:
>     sbin/ifconfig        ifcarp.c ifpfsync.c
>     sys/netinet          ip_carp.c ip_carp.h
>   Log:
>   Add CARP (Common Address Redundancy Protocol), which allows multiple
>   hosts to share an IP address, providing high availability and load
>   balancing.
>   Original work on CARP done by Michael Shalayeff, with many
>   additions by Marco Pfatschbacher and Ryan McBride.
>   FreeBSD port done solely by Max Laier.

With constructive help from Ryan and others.

Also a big *thank you* to Daniel Seuffert for providing Soekris boxes for a 
test setup!  And of course, to you for stepping forward doing the debt and 
taking maintainership!

MFC after: ???  ;-)  Would be really cool if we could catch RELENG_5_4, but I 
guess it first has to prove a bit.  Comes time ...

Thanks again!

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