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John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Apr 11 17:20:41 PDT 2005

On Monday 11 April 2005 02:54 pm, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Bill Paul wrote:
> >wpaul       2005-04-11 02:02:35 UTC
> >
> >
> >  The twist has to do with the fact that Microsoft supports structured
> >  exception handling in kernel mode. On the i386 arch, exception handling
> >  is implemented by hanging an exception registration list off the
> >  Thread Environment Block (TEB), and the TEB is accessed via the %fs
> >  register. The problem is, we use %fs as a pointer to the pcpu stucture,
> >  which means any driver that tries to write through %fs:0 will overwrite
> >  the curthread pointer and make a serious mess of things.
> >
> >  To get around this, Project Evil now creates a special entry in
> >  the GDT on each processor. When we call into Windows code, a context
> >  switch routine will fix up %fs so it points to our new descriptor,
> >  which in turn points to a fake TEB. When the Windows code returns,
> >  or calls out to an external routine, we swap %fs back again. Currently,
> >  Project Evil makes use of GDT slot 7, which is all 0s by default.
> >  I fully expect someone to jump up and say I can't do that, but I
> >  couldn't find any code that makes use of this entry anywhere. Sadly,
> >  this was the only method I could come up with that worked on both
> >  UP and SMP. (Modifying the LDT works on UP, but becomes incredibly
> >  complicated on SMP.) If necessary, the context switching stuff can
> >  be yanked out while preserving the convention calling wrappers.
> Maybe we could emulate $soft and use %fs as a thread pointer instead and
> have pcpu
> pointed to via that :-)

I think NDIS drivers want %fs to point to a Windows-specific structure rather 
than a 'struct thread' so I don't think that would buy us anything except for 
even more memory indirects when we do a pcpu lookup.

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