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Tue Oct 5 11:08:46 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 05 October 2004 01:50 pm, Nate Lawson wrote:
> Takanori Watanabe wrote:
> > In message <200410050218.i952IrBK008982 at>, Nate Lawson
> > wrote
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> >>njl         2004-10-05 02:18:53 UTC
> >>
> >> FreeBSD src repository
> >>
> >> Modified files:
> >>   usr.sbin/acpi/acpidump acpi.c acpidump.c acpidump.h
> >> Log:
> >> Add the -s flag to make dumping SSDTs optional (disabled by default).
> >> Since we can only override the DSDT, a custom ASL dumped previously that
> >> contained SSDTs would result in lots of multiple definition errors.
> >>
> >> A longer-term fix involves adding the ability to override SSDTs to
> >> ACPI-CA.
> >
> > iasl(8) may have to be able to compile multiple AML codes from single
> > ASL data, instead of merging SSDT into DSDT in acpidump(8).
> I think the most straightforward fix is for ACPI-CA to not load SSDT
> tables when the user is overriding the DSDT.  If you treat overridden
> SSDTs separately, you go down the path of having to specify _which_
> table you want to override, which implies you need strict ordering of
> tables in both ASL and AML and it just gets too complicated.  Some HP
> Itanium machines have 8 to 10 SSDTs.

I agree.  It makes the user's lives a lot easier if they procedure remains:

- acpidump > foo.asl
- hack on foo.asl to fix it
- compile foo.asl to foo.dsdt
- load foo.dsdt in the loader

and have it all just work.  Actually, you know, we could make this work on our 
own without requiring ACPI-CA to change.  You just need to hack 
AcpiOsTableOverride() in OsdTable.c to return a pointer to an empty table for 
"SSDT" tables when the DSDT is overridden.  In fact, I think that is probably 
where this behavior decision really belongs.

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