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Sun Nov 28 20:53:56 PST 2004

At 8:02 PM -0700 11/28/04, M. Warner Losh wrote:
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>             Scott Long <scottl at> writes:
>: M. Warner Losh wrote:
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>: >             Scott Long <scottl at> writes:
>: > : For those who think that ease-of-use is important, please
>: > : accept my apologies.
>: >
>: > One could easily have a 'safeboot' command, which would disable
>: > all the things that the safe boot menu item used to do.
>: >
>: > Warner
>: safeboot isn't the same as 'disable acpi'.  It was actually quite
>: useful to disable ACPI but still leave ATA-DMA and SMP enabled.
>Agreed.  A few wrappers would go a long way is all I'm saying..

A few wrappers would, in my opinion, be irrelevant.  By the time
someone tracks down what wrapper to type in, they might as well track
down what full-blown commands to type in.  The menu was an advantage
when a user just installed some new kernel, and now their machine is
having problems.  That is not a good time to go reading web or man
pages to try to figure out what magic words *might* be worth typing in.
I admit that I would prefer a smaller (quicker-to-display) menu, but
completely removing the menu seems (to me) to be a step backwards.

However, I do notice that few people have objected to the menu being
removed, so I guess I'll just leave the topic alone.  But I will note
that most users probably won't realize this change has even happened
until their next clean-install of some future release...

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