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Scott Long scottl at
Tue Nov 16 19:05:05 GMT 2004

Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:
> Guys,
>>I appreciate the work here, but we are starting to grow too many
>>independent keyboard abstractions that don't seem to work together and
>>don't seem to solve the primary problem that we have right now.  What
>>we really need is a single unified keyboard and mouse virtualization
>>layer that allows bluetooth, usb, and at/ps2 devices to plug in at the
>>bottom and talk to the one or more console interfaces at the top.  It
>>should allow devices to be plugged in at runtime and should insulate
>>the real console interface from caring which keyboard is plugged in at
>>boot, if any are at all.  And yt _does_ need to work in single user mode
>>and in DDB.
> i did sent email to current asking for comments. did not get much feedback. 
>>I know I'm saying a lot of 'shoulds' right now, but the rise of these
>>non-at/ps2 keyboards is causing us lots of problems and we need to fix
>>it.  Brooks had talked about working on something similar to what I've
>>described above, so please work with him to mold your vkbd work into
>>that model.
> very well. i touched it. might as well try and fix it :) anyone has
> any ideas? code? anything?
> oh, one more thing, would you like me to back vkbd(4) out? 
> max

I guess I'm having a hard time picturing how a bluetooth keyboard works.
Is it something that you attach in place of a normal PS2 or USB
keyboard, or is it something that merely augments the real keyboard?  If 
there is no chance that the BT device could be needed for DDB or 
single-user mode then I guess that your driver is a good thing, though 
the 'vkbd' name is a bit misleading since it really only applies to BT.
But if you're interested in working with Brooks on a more unified
abstraction, please don't let me stop you =-)


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