cvs commit: src/usr.bin/pkill pkill.c

Garance A Drosehn gad at
Fri Mar 26 10:27:17 PST 2004

At 1:11 PM -0500 3/26/04, Robert Watson wrote:
>On Fri, 26 Mar 2004, Garance A Drosehn wrote:
>>    Modified files:
>>      usr.bin/pkill        pkill.c
>>    Log:
>  >   Switch to checking P_KTHREAD instead of P_SYSTEM when
>  >   deciding what "system processes" to always ignore.
>Either our definition or my understanding of P_KTHREAD vs
>P_SYSTEM is weak.  P_SYSTEM seems to include init, and
>P_KTHREAD seems to mean things that really are kprocs, but
>there was some recent discussion of the details of this on
>arch@ with regard to whether signals should be delivered to
>things that are arguably kernel threads or processes.

It would not surprise me if P_KTHREAD is not the most correct
check for me to make here, but in my debugging it sure seems
like using P_SYSTEM results in some processes getting skipped
that I do not expect to be skipped.

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