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Tue Jul 13 13:55:50 PDT 2004

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>: In message <40F4477F.9020906 at>, Nate Lawson writes:
>: >Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>: >> ... somebody who has
>: >> wasted a couple of months trying to write a newbus-ified GEOM.
>: >
>: >I'll happily help review patches/designs for this.
>: No need to.  It doesn't work because newbus doesn't support
>: multiple interitance.
>Yes it does.  Or are you talking about multi-pathing...

It does ?  When did that happen ?

I'm pretty sure i mean "multiple inheritance":

	objects A, B, X, Y;
	A is a child of X and Y;
	B is a child of Y and Z;

that was called multiple inheritance last I read about OO.

(Multi-pathing is the ability to join independent paths, that is
the correct way to solve the FC redundancy issue, and I belive we
need both CAM and newbus to learn new tricls before that is realistic)

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