cvs commit: src/release Makefile

Ruslan Ermilov ru at
Thu Jan 29 08:17:55 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 10:58:33AM -0500, John Baldwin wrote:
> Hmm, I don't recall ever seeing this patch, but it looks ok.
I have no idea what happened, my logs show it was delivered
successfully to

: From ru at Thu Jan 29 01:48:16 2004
: Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 01:48:16 +0200
: From: Ruslan Ermilov <ru at>
: To: John Baldwin <jhb at>
: Subject: Problems with new release/Makefile
: Message-ID: <20040128234816.GE12839 at>

Jan 29 01:48:16 phantom sm-mta[14149]: i0SNmGem014149: from=<ru at>, size=3903, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<20040128234816.GE12839 at>, proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=ru at localhost []
Jan 29 01:48:21 phantom sm-mta[14152]: i0SNmGem014149: to=<jhb at>, ctladdr=<ru at> (1004/1004), delay=00:00:05, xdelay=00:00:05, mailer=esmtp, pri=33903, [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (Ok: queued as 6D0AB43D46)

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