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Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Tue Jan 20 13:33:21 PST 2004

In message <200401201600.19855.jhb at>, John Baldwin writes:

>It is not an improvement in all cases and most of the people in this thread 
>have opposed this.  The only response you got on the mailing list to your 
>post was a "please do not commit" from Bruce and you went ahead and committed 
>anyway.  Do all of our opinions just not count when the Almighty Poul-Henning 
>has a patch he wants to commit?

No, Bruce' was the only _public_ response I got.

I got several favourable email responses to my review request and
a couple from persons on IRC, (I remember that JeffR was one of
those) and even a couple of verbal ones from people I talked to
a the last usergroup meeting in Copenhagen.

There is absolutely no doubt hat the "vote-count" was distinctly
postive when I committed since the only "no" I had received was
from Bruce.

And I belive (but havn't bothered to keep close enough count that
I can actually check this) that even counting the two or three
"nays" we've seen now I still belive the yes-side comes out ahead
at this point in time.

So either I didn't get the memo which said that that adding a printf
call would require me to submit a project plan, cost/benefit analyzis
and go through the full one week review period for major changes
to the kernel architecture or somebody is seriously overreacting

I suggest you and everybody else calm down and let dust settle for
a couple of days, maybe other people should have a chance to say
their opinion.  If there is a clear concensus that this is bad
(maybe somebody neutral should take a count ?), then we'll back it


PS: Your email seems awfully biased against me.

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