cvs commit: src/sys/compat/linux linux_util.c

Don Lewis truckman at
Wed Jan 14 21:19:37 PST 2004

On 14 Jan, Jeff Roberson wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Don Lewis wrote:
>> truckman    2004/01/14 14:38:03 PST
>>   FreeBSD src repository
>>   Modified files:
>>     sys/compat/linux     linux_util.c
>>   Log:
>>   VOP_GETATTR() wants the vnode passed to it to be locked.  Instead
>>   of adding the code to lock and unlock the vnodes and taking care
>>   to avoid deadlock, simplify linux_emul_convpath() by comparing the
>>   vnode pointers directly instead of comparing their va_fsid and
>>   va_fileid attributes.  This allows the removal of the calls to
> I'm not sure that the vnode pointer compare works in the case of device
> aliasing.  Any comments?

I believe you are correct, though one would hope that /compat/linux
wasn't a device.  The va_fsid and va_fileid test would not work either.
For devices you want to look at va_rdev.

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