cvs commit: projects/csup csup.1 main.c misc.c misc.h

Maxime Henrion mux at
Sun Feb 5 17:44:24 PST 2006

mux         2006-02-06 01:44:24 UTC

  FreeBSD projects repository

  Modified files:
    csup                 csup.1 main.c misc.c misc.h 
  - Add support for retries when the connection is rejected by the server,
    using an exponential backoff timer identical to the one in CVSup.  The
    timer is implemented in misc.c with the bt_new(), bt_get(), bt_pause()
    and bt_free() functions.  It is used in main.c.
  - Add support for the associated -1 and -r n options.
  - Document the -r n and -1 options in csup.1.  While I'm here, document
    -4 and -6 too, and replace any capitalized form of csup ("Csup") with
    just "csup".  The capitalized form is just too ugly.
  Submitted by:   Ulf Lilleengen <lulf at> [1, 2]
                      (with many mods by me)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.3       +41 -9     projects/csup/csup.1
  1.29      +47 -8     projects/csup/main.c
  1.23      +74 -1     projects/csup/misc.c
  1.21      +7 -1      projects/csup/misc.h

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