cvs commit: ports/dns/dnscheckengine Makefile ports/dns/dnscheckengine/files

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Jan 16 00:33:27 UTC 2012

Maintainer, FYI.

Also, I was unable to get the dispatcher thing working so I couldn't
test whether or not it was necessary for the rc.d script to remove the
pidfile. If it turns out that it is, you can add this to it and
regenerate the patch:

stop_postcmd="rm -f $pidfile"

Once you determine if it's necessary or not, it would be useful if you
contacted the upstream authors and gave them a copy of the patch.

Also, please consider finding more MASTER_SITES.


On 01/15/2012 16:26, Doug Barton wrote:
> dougb       2012-01-16 00:26:17 UTC
>   FreeBSD ports repository
>   Modified files:
>     dns/dnscheckengine   Makefile 
>     dns/dnscheckengine/files 
>   Log:
>   Properly fix the rc.d script patch, both for the set_rcvar change,
>   and generally improve the script (most of which was unneeded).
>   While I'm here, fix some other problems with the port:
>   1. Remove a dead MASTER_SITE
>   2. Make the rc.d script honor PREFIX
>   3. Install a link for /usr/local/bin/dnscheck-dispatcher so that
>      the rc.d script has something to start
>   Bump PORTREVISION due to package changes
>   Revision  Changes    Path
>   1.2       +11 -5     ports/dns/dnscheckengine/Makefile
>   1.3       +50 -9     ports/dns/dnscheckengine/files/


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