cvs commit: ports/print/pdflib Makefile pkg-plist ports/print/pdflib/files patch-configure ports/print/pdflib-perl Makefile

Alex Dupre ale at
Sun Jan 15 18:56:07 UTC 2012

Sunpoet Po-Chuan Hsieh ha scritto:
> Hi Alex,
> I was confused by the conditional PERL OPTIONS.
> .if defined(WITH_PERL)
> OPTIONS=        PERL "Build perl bindings" on
> .else
> OPTIONS=        PERL "Build perl bindings" off
> .endif
> If WITH_PERL defined somewhere (pdflib-perl, make.conf or portconf),
> the perl option should already be turned on by options framework. It
> seems that a default-off perl option (line 4) is enough.

 From a functional point of view: yes, it's enough.
 From a user-experience point of view, if you install pdflib-perl I 
think you'll be confused if the PERL option is not selected.

Alex Dupre

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