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Mon Mar 28 13:50:20 UTC 2011

rea         2011-03-28 13:50:19 UTC

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  Modified files:
    mail/exim            Makefile distinfo 
    mail/exim/files      patch-src::EDITME 
  mail/exim: upgrade to 4.75
  From NewStuff-4.75:
   1. In addition to the existing LDAP and LDAP/SSL ("ldaps") support,
   there is now LDAP/TLS support, given sufficiently modern OpenLDAP
   client libraries.  The following global options have been added in
   support of this: ldap_ca_cert_dir, ldap_ca_cert_file, ldap_cert_file,
   ldap_cert_key, ldap_cipher_suite, ldap_require_cert, ldap_start_tls.
   2. The pipe transport now takes a boolean option, "freeze_signal",
   default false.  When true, if the external delivery command exits on
   a signal then Exim will freeze the message in the queue, instead of
   generating a bounce.
   3. Log filenames may now use %M as an escape, instead of %D (still
   available).  The %M pattern expands to yyyymm, providing month-level
   4. The $message_linecount variable is now updated for the maildir_tag
   option, in the same way as $message_size, to reflect the real number
   of lines, including any header additions or removals from transport.
   5. When contacting a pool of SpamAssassin servers configured in
   spamd_address, Exim now selects entries randomly, to better scale in
   a cluster setup.
  Full changelog and new stuff files:
  Added two configurable knobs (based on ports/154956):
   - CONFIG_FILE_PATH: location of the main configuration file
   - ALT_CONFIG_PREFIX: prefix for alternative configuration files.
  PR: 154956
  Feature safe: yes
  Approved by: garga (mentor)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.258     +19 -3     ports/mail/exim/Makefile
  1.103     +2 -2      ports/mail/exim/distinfo
  1.30      +2 -2      ports/mail/exim/files/patch-src::EDITME

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