cvs commit: ports/devel/git Makefile pkg-plist

Chris Rees crees at
Wed Dec 21 20:52:03 UTC 2011

On 18 December 2011 16:17, Wesley Shields <wxs at> wrote:
> wxs         2011-12-18 16:17:32 UTC
>  FreeBSD ports repository
>  Modified files:
>    devel/git            Makefile pkg-plist
>  Log:
>  Switch to installing contrib files using COPYTREE_BIN instead of
>  COPYTREE_SHARE. The documentation in the hooks says you should set
>  executable permissions on the hook before setting it up in a repository,
>  but if you update git the permissions get reset. Just install the entire
>  contrib directory with executable bit set.
>  What we really need is a "COPYTREE_ASIS" that just leaves the permissions as
>  they are.
>  Note I am intentionally not bumping PORTREVISION as this is a minor change
>  and this port gets updated fairly regularly.

Since we talked about this a few days ago I've been thinking, and just
noticed how ports-mgmt/tinderbox handles that use case with ${CP}

Just a thought.


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