cvs commit: ports/japanese/ibus-mozc Makefile distinfo pkg-plist ports/japanese/ibus-mozc/files patch-src_base_mutex.h patch-src_gy

QAT at QAT at
Sat Jun 12 10:55:07 UTC 2010

The Restless Daemon identified a makefile error while trying to build:
 ja-ibus-mozc-0.11.365.102 maintained by daichi at
 Makefile ident: $FreeBSD: ports/japanese/ibus-mozc/Makefile,v 1.7 2010/06/12 07:31:06 daichi Exp $

Excerpt from :

  CXX(target) out/Release/
  RULE genproto_prediction_genproto_0 out/Release/obj/gen/proto_out/prediction/user_history_predictor.pb.h
['protoc', 'prediction/user_history_predictor.proto', '--cpp_out=/work/a/ports/japanese/ibus-mozc/work/mozc/out/Release/obj/gen/proto_out']
  ACTION prediction_gen_suggestion_feature_pos_group out/Release/obj/gen/prediction/suggestion_feature_pos_group.h
  ACTION prediction_gen_svm_model out/Release/obj/gen/prediction/svm_model.h
  ACTION rewriter_gen_collocation_data out/Release/obj/gen/rewriter/embedded_collocation_data.h
  ACTION rewriter_gen_single_kanji_rewriter_data out/Release/obj/gen/rewriter/single_kanji_rewriter_data.h
  ACTION rewriter_gen_symbol_rewriter_data out/Release/obj/gen/rewriter/symbol_rewriter_data.h
  ACTION rewriter_gen_user_segment_history_rewriter_rule out/Release/obj/gen/rewriter/user_segment_history_rewriter_rule.h
  CXX(target) out/Release/
  RULE genproto_usage_stats_genproto_0 out/Release/obj/gen/proto_out/usage_stats/usage_stats.pb.h
['protoc', 'usage_stats/usage_stats.proto', '--cpp_out=/work/a/ports/japanese/ibus-mozc/work/mozc/out/Release/obj/gen/proto_out']
gmake: *** No rule to make target `mozc_tool'.  Stop.
gmake: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
Generating version definition file...
export $QTDIR = /usr/local/lib/qt4/
Running: gmake -j4 BUILDTYPE=Release ibus_mozc mozc_server mozc_tool
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 606, in <module>
  File "", line 594, in main
  File "", line 540, in BuildMain
    BuildOnLinux(options, targets)
  File "", line 410, in BuildOnLinux
    RunOrDie([make_command] + build_args + target_names)
  File "", line 324, in RunOrDie
 ERROR: gmake -j4 BUILDTYPE=Release ibus_mozc mozc_server mozc_tool
*** Error code 1

Stop in /a/ports/japanese/ibus-mozc.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /a/ports/japanese/ibus-mozc.
build of /usr/ports/japanese/ibus-mozc ended at Sat Jun 12 10:55:00 UTC 2010

PortsMon page for the port:

The build which triggered this BotMail was done under
tinderbox-3.3_3; dsversion: 3.2.1 on RELENG_8 on amd64, kern.smp.cpus: 8
with tinderd_flags="-nullfs -plistcheck -onceonly" and ccache support, with the
"official" up-to-date Ports Tree, with the following vars set:

A description of the testing process can be found here:

Thanks for your work on making FreeBSD better,

QAT - your friendly neighborhood Daemon,
preparing  a heck of an error trapping system:
 - "HMC and EOI?"
 - "Halt, Melt and Catch fire or Execute Operator Immediately."

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