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Nicola Vitale nivit at
Mon Nov 9 14:04:21 UTC 2009


> [2009/11/9 Renato Botelho <garga at>]
>>   - Add x11-toolkits/py-gnome-extras to depends
> Is this really necessary? For non-gnome users (like me), it added 37 new
> dependencies.

Take a look at the REQUIREMENTS in the README file:

        (Required) PyGTK 2.12 or newer
        (Required) GTK 2.12 or newer
        (Required) python-mpd 0.2 or newer
        (Required) Python 2.5 or newer
        (Required) MPD 0.12 or newer, possibly on another computer
        (Optional) Gnome-python-extras for enhanced system tray
        (Optional) taglib and tagpy for editing metadata
        (Optional) dbus-python for mmkeys, single instance support
        (Building) GCC
        (Building) python-dev (on some distros)

Well, my left eye did read "(Required)" and the right one
"Gnome-python-extras", so I think I have to correct it (the port, not
the eye). ;)

Nicola Vitale

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