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QAT at QAT at
Mon Sep 15 22:03:59 UTC 2008


The build which triggered this email is done under tinderbox-2.4.3, on 
7-STABLE on amd64, with tinderd_flags="-nullfs -plistcheck -onceonly"
and ccache support, with the "official" up-to-date Ports Tree, with the
following vars set:

Excerpt from :

building dansguardian- in directory /var/tinderbox/7-STABLE-FTP
maintained by: fjwcash at
building for:  7.0-STABLE amd64
port directory: /usr/ports/www/dansguardian-devel
Makefile ident: $FreeBSD: ports/www/dansguardian-devel/Makefile,v 1.29 2008/09/15 19:56:38 garga Exp $
prefixes: LOCALBASE=usr/local X11BASE=usr/local
build started at Mon Sep 15 22:00:04 UTC 2008

.................................<Last 40 lines of the log>..................

      This port has installed the following files which may act as network
      servers and may therefore pose a remote security risk to the system.

      This port has installed the following startup scripts which may cause
      these network services to be started at boot time.

      If there are vulnerabilities in these programs there may be a security
      risk to the system. FreeBSD makes no guarantee about the security of
      ports included in the Ports Collection. Please type 'make deinstall'
      to deinstall the port if this is a concern.

      For more information, and contact details about the security
      status of this software, see the following webpage:
====================<phase 7: make package>====================
===>  Building package for dansguardian-
Creating package /tmp/packages/All/dansguardian-
Registering depends: libiconv-1.11_1 pcre-7.7_1 apache-1.3.41 squid-2.7.4 perl-5.8.8_1 expat-2.0.1.
Registering conflicts: dansguardian-2.[678]*.
Creating bzip'd tar ball in '/tmp/packages/All/dansguardian-'
Deleting dansguardian-
If permanently deleting this package, /var/log/dansguardian.log must be removed manually
If permanently deleting this package, custom configuration files must be removed manually

=== Checking filesystem state
list of extra files and directories in / (not present before this port was installed but present after it was deinstalled)
9492164        4 drwxr-xr-x    2 root             wheel                 512 Sep 15 22:03 usr/local/share/doc/dansguardian
9492165       12 -r--r--r--    1 root             wheel                4936 Sep 15 22:03 usr/local/share/doc/dansguardian/AuthPlugins
9492167       16 -r--r--r--    1 root             wheel                6259 Sep 15 22:03 usr/local/share/doc/dansguardian/ContentScanners
9492172       16 -r--r--r--    1 root             wheel                7102 Sep 15 22:03 usr/local/share/doc/dansguardian/DownloadManagers
9492174       40 -r--r--r--    1 root             wheel               18831 Sep 15 22:03 usr/local/share/doc/dansguardian/FAQ
9492175       56 -r--r--r--    1 root             wheel               26722 Sep 15 22:03 usr/local/share/doc/dansguardian/FAQ.html
9493438       12 -r--r--r--    1 root             wheel                5411 Sep 15 22:03 usr/local/share/doc/dansguardian/Plugins
build of /usr/ports/www/dansguardian-devel ended at Mon Sep 15 22:03:54 UTC 2008

A description of the testing process can be found here:

Thanks for your work on making FreeBSD better,

IOnut - Un^d^dregistered ;) FreeBSD "user"
  "Intellectual Property" is   nowhere near as valuable   as "Intellect"
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