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Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Fri Oct 31 05:11:34 PDT 2008

amdmi3      2008-10-31 12:11:34 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    graphics             Makefile 
  Added files:
    graphics/py-pyglet   Makefile distinfo pkg-descr pkg-plist 
  pyglet provides an object-oriented programming interface for
  developing games and other visually-rich applications for Windows,
  Mac OS X and Linux. Some of the features of pyglet are:
   * No external dependencies or installation requirements. For most
     application and game requirements, pyglet needs nothing else besides
     Python, simplifying distribution and installation.
   * Take advantage of multiple windows and multi-monitor desktops.
     pyglet allows you to use as many windows as you need, and is fully
     aware of multi-monitor setups for use with fullscreen games.
   * Load images, sound, music and video in almost any format. pyglet
     can optionally use AVbin to play back audio formats such as MP3,
     OGG/Vorbis and WMA, and video formats such as DivX, MPEG-2, H.264,
     WMV and Xvid.
  pyglet is provided under the BSD open-source license, allowing you
  to use it for both commerical and other open-source projects with
  very little restriction.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1193    +1 -0      ports/graphics/Makefile
  1.1       +38 -0     ports/graphics/py-pyglet/Makefile (new)
  1.1       +3 -0      ports/graphics/py-pyglet/distinfo (new)
  1.1       +20 -0     ports/graphics/py-pyglet/pkg-descr (new)
  1.1       +315 -0    ports/graphics/py-pyglet/pkg-plist (new)

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