cvs commit: ports/net/ekiga pkg-plist

Doug Barton dougb at
Sun Jan 27 22:26:03 PST 2008

Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> On субота 26 січень 2008, Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> = Well, it's not only for package. What about users' systems that use ports?  
> = What if one of user decide to uninstall ekiga? It will ending up with  
> = leftover files in their system. Bump is need to have their system clean.  
> = As for not like to build again, perhaps we need to come up with new  
> = *VERSION like PLISTVERSION that will only fix plist without have to  
> = rebuild.
> We don't need to come with anything for this case -- the timestamp on 
> pkg-plist can (almost) always be compared with that 
> of /var/db/pkg/FOO/+CONTENTS

I beg to differ, I think it can basically never be relied on. The
+CONTENTS file is updated many times after the port is installed,
either by tools like portmaster, or by the ports infrastructure
itself. (Think dependency tracking via pkgdep.)



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