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    www/nginx-devel      Makefile distinfo 
  Update from 0.6.21 to 0.6.25.
  Changes with nginx 0.6.25                                        08 Jan 2008
      *) Change: now the "server_name_in_redirect" directive is used instead
         of the "server_name" directive's special "*" parameter.
      *) Change: now wildcard and regex names can be used as main name in a
         "server_name" directive.
      *) Change: the "satisfy_any" directive was replaced by the "satisfy"
      *) Workaround: old worker processes might hog CPU after reconfiguration
         if they was run under Linux OpenVZ.
      *) Feature: the "min_delete_depth" directive.
      *) Bugfix: the COPY and MOVE methods did not work with single files.
      *) Bugfix: the ngx_http_gzip_static_module did not allow the
         ngx_http_dav_module to work; bug appeared in 0.6.23.
      *) Bugfix: socket leak in HTTPS mode if deferred accept was used.
         Thanks to Ben Maurer.
      *) Bugfix: nginx could not be built without PCRE library; bug appeared
         in 0.6.23.
  Changes with nginx 0.6.24                                        27 Dec 2007
      *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in worker process if HTTPS
         was used; bug appeared in 0.6.23.
  Changes with nginx 0.6.23                                        27 Dec 2007
      *) Change: the "off" parameter in the "ssl_session_cache" directive;
         now this is default parameter.
      *) Change: the "open_file_cache_retest" directive was renamed to the
      *) Feature: the "open_file_cache_min_uses" directive.
      *) Feature: the ngx_http_gzip_static_module.
      *) Feature: the "gzip_disable" directive.
      *) Feature: the "memcached_pass" directive may be used inside the "if"
      *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in worker process, if the
         "memcached_pass" and "if" directives were used in the same location.
      *) Bugfix: if a "satisfy_any on" directive was used and not all access
         and auth modules directives were set, then other given access and
         auth directives were not tested;
      *) Bugfix: regex parameters in a "valid_referers" directive were not
         inherited from previous level.
      *) Bugfix: a "post_action" directive did run if a request was completed
         with 499 status code.
      *) Bugfix: optimization of 16K buffer usage in a SSL connection.
         Thanks to Ben Maurer.
      *) Bugfix: the STARTTLS in SMTP mode did not work.
         Thanks to Oleg Motienko.
      *) Bugfix: in HTTPS mode requests might fail with the "bad write retry"
         error; bug appeared in 0.5.13.
  Changes with nginx 0.6.22                                        19 Dec 2007
      *) Change: now all ngx_http_perl_module methods return values copied to
         perl's allocated memory.
      *) Bugfix: if nginx was built with ngx_http_perl_module, the perl
         before 5.8.6 was used, and perl supported threads, then during
         reconfiguration the master process aborted; bug appeared in
         Thanks to Boris Zhmurov.
      *) Bugfix: the ngx_http_perl_module methods may get invalid values of
         the regex captures.
      *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in worker process, if the
         $r->has_request_body() method was called for a request whose small
         request body was already received.
      *) Bugfix: large_client_header_buffers did not freed before going to
         keep-alive state.
         Thanks to Olexander Shtepa.
      *) Bugfix: the last address was missed in the $upstream_addr variable;
         bug appeared in 0.6.18.
      *) Bugfix: the "fastcgi_catch_stderr" directive did return error code;
         now it returns 502 code, that can be rerouted to a next server using
         the "fastcgi_next_upstream invalid_header" directive.
      *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in master process if the
         "fastcgi_catch_stderr" directive was used; bug appeared in
         Thanks to Manlio Perillo.
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