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Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Jan 9 14:07:42 PST 2007

dougb       2007-01-09 22:07:34 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
  New Features
  1. Add -t mode to "thoroughly" recurse dependencies, using the
  all-depends-list target instead of the combination of the
  build-depends-list and run-depends-list targets. This is useful
  when the dependencies of a dependency need to be updated, but
  the dependency itself doesn't; and -a mode is impractical for
  whatever reason.
  2. If pkg_create fails, give the user the option of how to handle
  it: fail, or ignore the error.
  1. If we are trying to delete distfiles, but a dist subdir has
  gone missing, assume that the files are safely deleted (and
  inform the user) rather than error'ing out.
  2. Search for BROKEN state before FORBIDDEN state, since if
  the former is set, the latter is implied, which made the error
  message confusing. While I'm here, trim the error message by
  removing some redundant information.
  3. After successful install, before the dependencies are updated,
  apply the same search pattern whether we're updating an existing
  port, or installing from scratch using -p /usr/ports/foo/bar.
  Otherwise, existing dependencies for a port that was forcibly
  pkg_delete'd won't be updated, nor will the newly installed
  port's +REQUIRED_BY file be up to date.
  1. The file that contains the checksums is not always spelled
  "distinfo," so use the MD5_FILE variable to find it
  1. Further local'ize variables in functions, and factor in some
  variables there were used only once. Add more comments that
  describe usage of variables with global scope used in a function.
  2. Twiddle white space a little more to help key messages stand
  out better, and change wording on one message to (hopefully) make
  it more clear.
  3. Bump copyright
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  1.12      +63 -27    ports/sysutils/portmaster/files/

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