cvs commit: ports/devel/readline Makefile distinfo

Frank J. Laszlo laszlof at
Thu Aug 23 12:26:37 PDT 2007

laszlof     2007-08-23 19:26:37 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    devel/readline       Makefile distinfo 
  Add new vender patches that addresses several bugs:
  Readline neglects to reallocate the array it uses to keep track of wrapped
  screen lines when increasing its size.  This will eventually result in
  segmentation faults when given sufficiently long input.
  When moving the cursor, bash sometimes misplaces the cursor when the prompt
  contains two or more multibyte characters.  The particular circumstance that
  uncovered the problem was having the (multibyte) current directory name in
  the prompt string.
  When restoring the original prompt after finishing an incremental search,
  bash sometimes places the cursor incorrectly if the primary prompt contains
  invisible characters.
  When rl_read_key returns -1, indicating that readline's controlling terminal
  has been invalidated for some reason (e.g., receiving a SIGHUP), the error
  status was not reported correctly to the caller.  This could cause input
  The readline display code miscalculated the screen position when performing
  a redisplay in which the new text occupies more screen space that the old,
  but takes fewer bytes to do so (e.g., when replacing a shorter string
  containing multibyte characters with a longer one containing only ASCII).
  An off-by-one error in readline's input buffering caused readline to drop
  each 511th character of buffered input (e.g., when pasting a large amount
  of data into a terminal window).
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.13      +3 -1      ports/devel/readline/Makefile
  1.9       +18 -3     ports/devel/readline/distinfo

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