cvs commit: ports/www/squid Makefile distinfo ports/www/squid/files icap-2.6-bootstrap.patch patch-helpers-negotiate_auth-squid_kerb_auth-squid_kerb_auth.c

Xin LI delphij at
Mon Aug 13 19:32:12 PDT 2007

delphij     2007-08-14 02:32:12 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    www/squid            Makefile distinfo 
    www/squid/files      icap-2.6-bootstrap.patch 
  Added files:
   - Update to 2.6.STABLE14 plus three patches (see for details)
   - Add two new authentication helpers: DB and squid_kerb_auth
   - Add the website mirrors to the list of download sites as a last resort
     in case the distfiles do not make it to the FTP mirrors in time
   - Update the mirror server list a bit after checking with the official list
   - Stop handling the "WITH_DEBUG" case: handles this just fine
   - Add a new rc configuration variable "squid_pidfile" that defaults to
     $PREFIX/squid/logs/, use this variable for $pidfile in
     the rc script and document it in the Squid default/example configuration
   - Update the ICAP-2.6-bootstrap patch to reflect changes in the Squid
  Submitted by:   maintainer
  PR:             ports/115453 (in followup)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.200     +31 -14    ports/www/squid/Makefile
  1.155     +12 -3     ports/www/squid/distinfo
  1.3       +51 -62    ports/www/squid/files/icap-2.6-bootstrap.patch
  1.1       +19 -0     ports/www/squid/files/ (new)
  1.1       +10 -0     ports/www/squid/files/patch-helpers-negotiate_auth-squid_kerb_auth-squid_kerb_auth.c (new)
  1.4       +15 -4     ports/www/squid/files/
  1.3       +5 -3      ports/www/squid/files/

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