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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Sun Apr 8 13:24:56 UTC 2007

hrs         2007-04-08 13:24:55 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    print/auctex         Makefile distinfo pkg-plist 
  Update to 11.84.  Changes include:
     * There have been problems with the `-without-texmf-dir' option to
       `configure' when the value of `-with-kpathsea-sep' was set or
       determined for an installation system with a default different
       from that of the runtime system.  `with-kpathsea-sep' has been
       removed; the setting is now usually determined at runtime.
       Due to this and other problems, preview-latex in the released
       XEmacs package failed under Windows or with anything except recent
       21.5 XEmacsen.
     * AUCTeX and preview-latex have been changed in order to accommodate
       file names containing spaces.  preview-latex now tolerates bad
       PostScript code polluting the stack (like some Omega fonts).
     * `preview.sty' had in some cases failed to emit PostScript header
     * Support for folding of comments was added.
     * The `polish' language option of the babel LaTeX package as well as
       the polski LaTeX package are now supported.  Most notably this
       means that AUCTeX will help to insert quotation marks as defined
       by polish.sty (`"`..."'') and polski.sty (`,,...''').
     * The TeX tool bar is now available and enabled by default in plain
       TeX mode.
     * Bug fix in the display of math subscripts and superscripts.
     * Bug fix `TeX-doc' for Emacs 21.
     * There has been quite a number of other bug fixes to various
       features and documentation across the board.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.29      +3 -2      ports/print/auctex/Makefile
  1.14      +3 -3      ports/print/auctex/distinfo
  1.15      +5 -1      ports/print/auctex/pkg-plist

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