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Renato Botelho garga at
Wed Feb 15 02:47:04 PST 2006

garga       2006-02-15 10:47:00 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    mail/mailscanner     Makefile distinfo pkg-plist 
    mail/mailscanner/files patch-docs:man:MailScanner.8 
  Added files:
  Removed files:
  - Update to 4.50.15
  - OPTIONSify
  Change Log:
  - Speed increased significantly! Caches SpamAssassin results.
     Note you need to run my script to get the new modules required.
  - If "Virus Scanners = auto" (ie. the installed default value) then it
     searches for and uses every available installed virus scanner.
  - Added SpamAssassin cache analyser (analyse_SpamAssassin_cache) to the
     distributions. 99% written by Steve Freegard of MailWatch fame.
  - Upgraded ClamAV+SA bundle to ClamAV 0.88.
  - Added default headers that Thunderbird 1.5 will use to automatically
     identify spam based on SpamAssassin's spam headers.
  - Added UU-decoder to automatically extract files from attachments that were
     stored in uu-encoded form. This behaves similarly to the zip and rar
     decoders. The virus scanners should check inside these files for themselves
     anyway, but this assists them when they do not. It also allows for filename
     and filetype checking of files stored in uu-encoded attachments.
  - Added configuration option "Find UU-Encoded Files" to set whether uu-encoded
     files are decoded or not. These files are very rarely used, and the
     overhead of finding them is fairly large as it involves reading all
     existing attachments looking for the signature of them. So the default is
     to not look for them. A ruleset can be used to protect particularly
     vulnerable recipients or senders.
  - You can now start up MailScanner without changing MailScanner.conf at all.
     It will auto-detect SpamAssassin and all available virus scanners.
  - Changed default setting to "Use SpamAssassin = yes" and now auto- detect
     installation of SpamAssassin, logging installation instructions if
     it is not already installed and working.
  - Added DBI and DBD::SQLite Perl modules. Please use my scripts
     when you upgrade or install this version.
  - Added American spelling of "analyze_SpamAssassin_cache" as well as English
     spelling of "analyse_SpamAssassin_cache".
  - DBI installation is forced in RPM distributions.
  - Improved RPM installer to handle DBI module dependencies better. It now
     installs cleanly on the systems I have tested it on. These include Fedora
     Core 3, Fedora Core 4, SuSE 9.3, SuSE 10, RedHat Enterprise 4.
  - Made log warnings more obvious when DBI/DBD::SQLite/Digest::MD5 are not
     all installed properly.
  - Improved comments about "Allow Filenames" and "Allow Filetypes" in
  - Improvement to F-Prot output parser to handle new strings.
  - Changed filename/type traps to account for new vulnerability in TNEF files.
  - Adapted trend-autoupdate for 2006 onwards.
  - --help implemented so you can see how to use it now.
  - --debug now written. Works just like "Debug = yes" in MailScanner.conf.
  - --debug-sa now written. Works just like "Debug SpamAssassin = yes".
  - --check ruleset-checker now written. Takes max 1 from address, multiple to
     addresses, client IP address and virus name.
  - Added a new command-line parameter "--lint" to verify the config file.
  - --lint now prints what virus scanners you have chosen to use, and what
  - --lint now checks SpamAssassin configuration too.
     scanners it can find installed.
  - Added hi-res timing so the batch speed timings are now displayed to
     micro-second accuracy.
  - Added Time::HiRes to the list of required modules. You must use ./
     to upgrade to, or install, this version in order to get the new module.
     Time taken to process the entire batch is logged, and time taken to do
     "Always Looked Up Last" is logged separately if it is being used at all.
  - Added check that MailScanner.conf has at least been customised to set the
     organisation name, long name and web site.
  - Added "SpamAssassin Cache Timings" configuration option for the few people
     who need to adjust these settings. Do *not* change it unless you really
     know what you are doing, the default settings will work nicely.
  - Updated important perl modules.
  - Removed duplicate logging of warnings about infected messages.
  - Added detection of no virus scanners being installed, giving the user
     advice about how to install ClamAV using my easy-installation package.
  - Improved ClamAV+SA easy-installation package so that it automatically
     enables the updates by commenting out the "Example" lines.
  - Changed default Lock Type for sendmail to "posix" instead of "flock" as
     new Linux systems (the most popular platform by far) run sendmail
     8.13 or later, which requires this to be "posix".
  - Upgraded Sys::Hostname::Long and HTML::Parser in ClamAV+SA package.
  - Disabled movie format "deny" rules in filetype.rules.conf and have enabled
     filetype checking by default.
  - Updated man pages.
  - Updated AVG parser to handle latest version 7.1.
  - Added "Always Looked Up Last After Batch" which is looked up after the
     "Always Looked Up Last" option. The 2nd of those is looked up once for
     each message, the "...After Batch" value is looked up once for the
     entire batch. It is only intended for use with a Custom Function, its
     value is ignored.
  * Fixes *
  - Improved reliability of Bayes rebuilds a lot.
  - Force installation of DBI as previous versions cause problems.
  - Removed broken patch I was given, which was temporarily in 4.50.
  - Packaging bug in 4.50.9-1 fixed. MailTools version typo.
  - Fixed bug where temporary files were not cleaned up properly.
  - Fixed missing HTML-Parser 3.48 package.
  PR:             ports/93026
  Submitted by:   maintainer
  Revision  Changes      Path
  1.44      +73 -31      ports/mail/mailscanner/Makefile
  1.32      +2 -3        ports/mail/mailscanner/distinfo
  1.3       +0 -55       ports/mail/mailscanner/files/ (dead)
  1.1       +41 -0       ports/mail/mailscanner/files/ (new)
  1.4       +0 -117      ports/mail/mailscanner/files/ (dead)
  1.1       +142 -0      ports/mail/mailscanner/files/ (new)
  1.27      +34 -5       ports/mail/mailscanner/files/patch-docs:man:MailScanner.8
  1.20      +407 -9      ports/mail/mailscanner/files/patch-docs:man:MailScanner.8.html
  1.27      +51 -172     ports/mail/mailscanner/files/patch-docs:man:MailScanner.conf.5
  1.23      +13859 -265  ports/mail/mailscanner/files/patch-docs:man:MailScanner.conf.5.html
  1.1       +15 -0       ports/mail/mailscanner/files/rcwarning.txt (new)
  1.27      +3 -8        ports/mail/mailscanner/pkg-plist

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