cvs commit: ports/games/doom Makefile ports/games/doom/files patch-ag patch-sndserv__soundsrv.c patch-sndserv__wadread.c

Jean-Marc Zucconi jmz at
Mon Oct 10 07:24:39 PDT 2005

>>>>> Alexey Dokuchaev writes:

 > On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 11:33:31AM +0000, Jean-Marc Zucconi wrote:
 >> jmz         2005-10-10 11:33:30 UTC
 >> FreeBSD ports repository
 >> Modified files:
 >> games/doom           Makefile 
 >> games/doom/files     patch-ag 
 >> Added files:
 >> games/doom/files     patch-sndserv__soundsrv.c 
 >> patch-sndserv__wadread.c 
 >> Log:

 > 	...

 >> Replace post-patch with real patch files.

 > I've always been under impression that we try to avoid creating trivial
 > patches when desired functionality can be implemented using some
 > inplace-editing tools.  Could you elaborate on what you've done here?

I don't know if there is a rule. As the changes are on two files only
I decided to not alter the submitted patch and to commit it as is. In
either case this will not cause maintenance problems because the port
probably will never be upgraded.


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